Have questions about Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA? SO DO WE!
There have been a lot of questions recently about the products called Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA. What are they? Who makes/sells them? What do they offer? How can I find more information on them? Here is what we know.

The products DO NOT contain Poly-MVA. The misbranded product labeled as Liposomal Poly-MVA, as well as the product marketed as SynergyX-MVA, do not contain the patented formulation of lipoic acid mineral complex that took Dr. Merrill Garnett over thirty years to research and develop. It is Dr. Garnett's lipoic acid mineral complex that differentiates Poly-MVA from any other similar supplements and is the key to the high degree of success the product has had in helping thousands of people over the past 20+ years. (To read more on the authentic and trustworthy Poly-MVA, click here.)
We acquired a bottle of Liposomal Poly-MVA, had it tested and could find no evidence of any ingredients from the authentic Poly-MVA.
The distributors of Liposomal Poly-MVA openly state in their marketing verbiage and on the product's label that the formula contains and has the effectiveness of Poly-MVA. Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA are NOT Poly-MVA or any variant thereof and do not and cannot contain Poly-MVA or derivative thereof. These distributors are marketing and selling these products in a blatant attempt to trade off of the good name of Poly-MVA; to do so is misleading and confusing to consumers in the marketplace.
To sell these products to an individual dealing with a health concern and promise that person the same benefits as authentic Poly-MVA offers is unethical. Such misleading statements are not only unlawful acts, but also reflect poorly on anyone claiming that they are trying to help consumers who find themselves vulnerable and often in difficult situations. The distributors of Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA have continued down this path without regard for the results of placing such unproven and untested supplements on the market associated the Poly-MVA name. Appropriate legal steps are being taken to stop the wrongful labeling of these substances, and we are taking every step necessary to protect our customers as well as consumers from being misled or confused and potentially harmed by ingesting products which are of unknown origin, unproven and have untested properties.

The distributors are misrepresenting the benefits of these new and scientifically untested products. Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA are dietary supplements of unknown origin and properties which are intended to mislead and confuse consumers in the marketplace who rely on the proven dietary support of authentic Poly-MVA as part of their overall healthcare plan - and who may be misled to purchase the product believing it to be or contain true Poly-MVA, potentially causing harm to those individuals. Claims are being made to support the effectiveness of these products, and yet...Though the distributors claim to have "proof," "tests" and "results" related to Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA, we have found NO published research and NO ongoing scientific studies on the products to verify any of the claims being made, nor have any been provided when requested. Though the distributors' websites and marketing materials claim to have doctors across the US and worldwide using and recommending the product, we have found NO doctors who integrate these products into their patients' regiments for overall health, nor any who have been provided scientific evidence that the products provide benefits to patients. We have found NO customer testimonials sharing details of positive experiences derived from the products. Furthermore, the manufacturers are deceitfully citing results and reports from studies, clinical trials, and customer experiences associated and carried out with authentic Poly-MVA as the main basis for the "proven" effects of their product. Not only have Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA NOT been tested in labs and clinics for 20 years, not only has they NOT proven time and time again to be effective support for countless health concerns, and not only do they NOT enjoy the thousands of customer stories of benefits received, they do not contain any Poly-MVA!

The distributors are illegally utilizing copyrighted and trademarked information from Poly-MVA websites and materials. All the websites and marketing materials we have seen for Liposomal Poly-MVA are using verbiage that has been copied verbatim from Poly-MVA websites and materials and then manipulated to refer to Liposomal Poly-MVA. The information from those sources is copyrighted and trademarked, and is designed to only be used in conjunction with the product Poly-MVA.

First, that makes its use by others illegal.

Second, to use this information in conjunction with a product that in fact DOES NOT contain Poly-MVA is misleading and dishonest. 

Detailed information on Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA is difficult and often impossible to find.We have called, investigated and searched the internet looking for more than just a 1-to-2 sentence explanation of the products - what is in them, how does they work, what benefits have they been shown to provide and for what health concerns, how and where are they manufactured, and more. We have not been able to find this data.

The websites that sell the products either provide little information or insist that an individual call to get more details. When you call, you simply receive a sales pitch on how much better these products are than Poly-MVA. When you press for more details, you're told that they are in the works for research and more information, and that results will be available soon. We have been asking for over two years; we have not seen any testing, only unethical sales attempts.

Why, in this day and age of websites and online communications, would they insist upon people calling to get more information? Is it because they want very little in writing? Is it because they cannot back up their claims, since the information they use to make claims about the product are almost in their entirety about authentic Poly-MVA, which is NOT actually in Liposomal Poly-MVA or SynergyX-MVA? We were able to acquire some of the printed marketing materials that the distributors were at one time supplying potential customers. All the claims being made in those materials were in reference to authentic Poly-MVA, which Liposomal Poly-MVA and SynergyX-MVA DO NOT CONTAIN.

If you have additional or updated information about these products, we'd like to share it with our readers. Please call 866-765-9682 or e-mail us.